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    Handling user name in QV Portal in v.11 vs v.10

    Vladimir Komarov



      We have resolved an issue of passing user information to QV portal recently. Client's system was recently upgraded to v.11 and they have noticed that QV app is no longer accepting the user information that it was passed to it.


      The old version worked when the following was passed to QV portal:



      URL: /QvA......%20Secure.qvw&userid=undefined&slot=&platform=browser.gecko......

         . . . . . . . .

      Outgoing Header: QVUser: admin


      Passing user name (admin in this example) in just a header worked fine.





      The new version requires passing the User ID in URL as well (we just found that out by experimenting with the URL):


      URL: /QvAjax20Secure.qvw&userid=admin&slot=&platform=browser.gecko.....

         . . . . . ....

      Outgoing Header: QVUser: admin


      I was not able to find any reference to this format change in QV documentation. Just would like to confirm that this how it suppose to work in v.11 and no other changes are required.


      Please advice.


      Best regards,