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    Advanced set analysis - sales since last meeting date

    James Shenton



      Suppose I have a customer table, containing two fields: [Customer ID] and [Date of last meeting]. There is only one [Date of last meeting] per customer.


      A second table contains sales transactions, including: [Transaction ID] , [Customer ID] , [Date of Sale] and [Value of Sale].


      I need to produce a chart that shows, for each customer, the value of sales since the last time that customer was met.


      I can't quite get set analysis to work. It must be something like the below, but this doesn't work.


      sum ({1< [Customer ID] = P([Customer ID]) , [Date of Sale] >= [Date of last meeting] >} [Value of Sale] )


      Can this be done, and if so, how do I need to change the formula?


      Many thanks