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    Enterprise Edition - Users unable to edit documents



      I have what i believe is a permissions issue at one of our customer's sites.


      The customer has a qlikview server installed and is accessing documents both through the server and also directly. Since they have installed the enterprise edition users are unable to edit the reports as they would have previously. When they attempt to edit the document in a meaningful way, they are unable to. For instance, when right clicking a pivot table, the users are unable to edit the properties on the table.


      From what i understand, this requires a developer licence. Do they need to have a developer licence separate from the server installation/licences in order to edit documents? Is there a way to activate this functionality on the documents with the User CALs they have linked to the server?





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          As far as I know for editing over QV Accesspoint the following are required.


          1. Named CAL

          2. Open the QV Document check the sheet properties (of any one) and check of user privilages under security tab. The right ones needs to be enabled.

          3. If the security is applied through section access, ensure that the users have admin access which implies dev permissions.



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            Rob Wunderlich

            When any user opens a document from the server, they cannot change the properties of document objects. They can create new objects or copy and change the object.


            If they open the qvw from the file system, they can modify document objects if they are a Named CAL user on the server -- using the license leasr mechanism.


            If this is not the behavior you are seeing, perhaps your server settings are not set up correctly,