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    How hide graphs with conditional presentation

    Anna Perini

      Hello, I've a dashboard for sales manager showing 15 different gauges rapresenting KPI of a commercial dept. cycling on different time dimension


      So i've loaded inline list KPI


      LOAD * INLINE [_metricsNo, _metricsKPI

      1, %Sales on target

      2, %Quantity

      3, %Nr Customer


      On expression ì've put the condition SubStringCount(Concat(_metricsNo, '|'), )


      In this way i've build a list on metricsKPI and i can see all or focus on some selected KPIs.

      I need a help how to use conditional presentation to show/hide objects since now, if deselected, i have only a error message that show an empty space with "kpi deselected".

      Thank you