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    Qlikview Mobile view useless?

      I designed a simplistic report that shows 3 values at most (sometimes more that you have to scroll left for) which gives operational data through to people on their phones.


      Now after a while, we got it to work with iPhone (as Blackberry appears to ignore NTLM/LDAP authentication requests to get on our Active Directory-based network)


      But the mobile view that Qlikview has sucks.... really it does. It's littered with useless menu options that no one would care about and then "minimizes" the chart objects I do have, when you click on them (the chart objects are tables, show data, not fancy charts or anything) you see the label of the row, and that's almost it, when you scroll right, you see *some* data but then it's only a couple of rows!


      The only other way to actually see the damn thing properly is to go "full site view" but obviously management won't be too happy to click several things or have to receive training on just how to see a simple chart table object.... I shiver to think how the Blackberry one looks/works like! Even the native iPhone app sucks in displaying the most simplest of data.


      What do I tell the directors? "Sorry, the product you spent so much money on that guaranteed these features doesn't work" or "You should fire me because obviously I have no clue on how to do my job"?

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          BTW, the useless menu's I get is "Current Selection, Bookmarks, Show Fullsite View" etc that clogs up the visible screenspace automatically. Can't get rid of it. If only I could show the data from the get go. Very frustrating to the users

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            Nate Hallquist

            Rather than calling the software a failure, why don't you go back to whom you bought it from, and ask for some help.  Tell them that you were sold something that isn't working the way it was sold and that you would like some support.  I have seen multiple mobile deployments that work great, and look good.  You may just need some guidance.

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              Manoj Kumar Varatharajan

              Hi, I agree with you about the feature limitations in QlikView. This is applicable for every BI tool vendor and not just QlikView. However, it is good to understand the basics of Mobile BI is not intended to migrate the Desktop / Web-based reports into Mobile and Smart devices. The main purpose is to provide flexibility for users to receive updates on most frequently viewed Business information in a device closely associated to life. Hence, try to identify the frequently used metrics and build a dashboard with good visualization (with minimum clicks and data interpretation by users) aggregating the data at the highest level to view quick snapshot of business information with hourly updates and educate the users to stick to Desktop versions for detailed analysis. It is good to demonstrate the Desktop Vs Smart Devices application capabilities and differences with POCs aligned with business user characteristics. I understand my suggestions and recommendation are at 30K foot-level, however interested to provide more directions if you can share me the industry, business requirements and users you work with.

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                  That is exactly what I've been doing the past 2 weeks. I've built a dashboard with ESSENTIAL data on it (it's not huge at all!) which shows the past weeks performance. For example: Invoiced vs Budget vs Collected shows this per region:


                  Region 1: 200 / 300 / 110


                  So rather than seeing that information, they see:


                  "Current Selections"


                  "Switch to Fullsite Mode" (or whatever it's called)



                  And if they didn't know to click on the "Dashboard" item at the top to "Expand" the information first, they'll be stuck.


                  And once you do, the only part you see is "Region" with half a number to the right, which you then need to scroll too! You don't even know what column you're looking at!