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    Basic Graph problem....

      I am new to Qlikview (using 9) and I have what seems to be a basic issue that drives me nuts not to manage to solve it alone...
      I receive from finance a table like this :
      ProductSales Jan 10Sales Feb 10Sales March 10
      goes on for 10000 rows
      The file is in Excel and I can't obviously do a transpose of copy each colum as with 10k products + Sales since 2009 on a Monthly basis to which must be added budget numbers + actuals +++ It would take me days.
      I guess that Developers in QlikView have thought of a very simple way to do a graph like this
      x axis : Month
      Y axis : Sales
      Sales value being given as per product selection.
      I manage to do it for 1 month, but I can't figure out how to put 2 or more months in the axis without creating a nightmare.
      I attached a sample of the data....