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    mapping several values

      Hello. I hope someone can help me. I've list of product codes and corresponding account numbers, account names and revenue groups. It would be easy to make a mapping table if there was only one value for the one product code. But, I have also 4 different cost center and there can be differences in accounts between cost centers. Here is an example for one product code:


      Cost centerProduct code
      Account number
      Account Name
      Revenue Group
      C10004000Entrance feesOther
      D10004000Entrance feesOther


      I have almost 400 products listed. Problem is that I don't know how to make mappings because of variation. The result what I want is that when I select cost center it willl show correct account information for products. Perhaps this is an easy one, I just don't get it.


      Please ask if you need further information of the problem. Thanks in advance.

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          Tresesco B

          Probably you are talking about optimization(else the table itself would give information what you want). To optimize you have to have multiple tables. For example, one master table say, 'AccountMasterTable' (with fields - Ac Number, Ac Name, Revenue Group ), and one trasaction table.


          Hope this helps.