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    DS Connector - LDAP

      We're struggling to get the Configurable LDAP Directory Service connector to work completely against Novell eDirectory using QlikView v10.


      Although we seem to have configured the DSP settings sufficiently, the groups for users don't show. When tracing the queries on the LDAP server we see the following when trying to access a user's details:


      11:18:41 9B752BA0 LDAP: Search request:

         base: ""

         scope:2 dereference:0 sizelimit:0 timelimit:30 attrsonly:0

         filter: "(&(|(adspath=cn=Group1,ou=Groups,o=LDAP)(adspath=cn=Group2,ou=Groups,o=LDAP))(|(objectclass=inetOrgPerson)(objectClass=groupOfNames)))"

         attribute: "objectClass"

         attribute: "cn"

         attribute: "fullName"

         attribute: "mail"


      "adspath" isn't a valid attribute, so this query doesn't make a whole bunch of sense to me - it would seem like it's an ActiveDirectory-ism?


      Does anyone have a working LDAP configuration to a non-AD directory service which they're prepared to share?