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    Server Status Alert



      Can anyone please tell me how to set up automatic e-mail alerts to a QV admin in instances when one (or two) qlikview servers would go offline (off duty)?



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          Bill Britt

          There is no way that I know of in QlikView to do that. You can sent an email to people if a task should fail, but not if a sever goes down. There is management software out that that can monitor things like QVS and do this. However, I have not tried any of them.

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            same problem here... QV 10 SR5 and no (official) way to alert people.

            I wrote a tool in C# to add this functionality as a 3rd-Party solution.


            Via QMS-API you can request the status of QlikViewServer (and other services).

            Unfortunately, there is no "GetStatus" in version 10 (only available in version 11), so I had to improvise.

            To request information via the API, you have to request a "time limited service key" first. Then, you can request the ID of the QlikViewService. If you get this ID, the server is alive. If not, the server seems to be off duty.

            In this case, the tool sends an email. My tool checks the status every 60 seconds.

            This is not a proper way but the only way in version 10.

            In version 11, you can request the status of each service.


            Hope, it helps.




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              Dave Riley

              If the check frequency isn't too small, you could set up heartbeat monitoring whereby a .qvw doc reloads every 5mins just to send an email to the admin.