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    slider button is missing

      Hi All,


      I have a slider in my application,it is working fine.But my problem is when i am clicking on clear button,the slider button is not appearing in slider.

      again i am selecting value in slider it is displaying.

      My requirement is i want to keep the slider button defaultly in any value when selecting the clear button or anything else.







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          Aadil M

          If you have created the slider with a field value.. and you are selcting the value with the slider.. then it will clear the field selection when you hit the clear button..


          try creating the slider with a variable.. and store the value.. so that even after you clear the filter.. the value will be stored..


          hope that helps..

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              Hi Aadil,


              Thanks for your reply,


              Is there any possible to freez the sheet objects in one sheet,where i select the clear button in other sheets it wont effect in this sheet.so that i will rech my requirement.