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    Performance issues with translated column labels in straight tables

      Hello everybody,


      I am currently developing a multilingual dashboard and am experiencing performance issues when displaying straight tables.

      I implemented the translations as an island table with one column per language, so each table row carries a label like this:

      =Only({<TextKey={84}>} [$(sLanguage)])


      To pin down the cause of the slow refresh of my tables, I created two versions of a table which were identical except for the labels which were multilingual in the first case and simple text in the second case. I put both into a container and manually measured the average time it took for the redraw of the table to complete after I clicked the table's tab in the container.


      Based on these experiments, it seems that about 50% of the total table redraw time (0.7 seconds for the table without translations, 1.4 for the translated one) are caused by the translated labels.


      I also tried another translation approach by concatenating all my translation table entries into a variable and picking the right translated statement like this:

      =Pick(3, $(sTranslationList))

      However, this approach was only faster than the first one for a small number of translated items (<70).


      Has anyone else had similar problems and suggestions on how to include the translations in a way that doesn't have such a huge impact on performance?