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    Straight Table Dynamic Lookup using AGGR

    Jeff Fairchild

      Guess I put this as a document rather than a discussion thread.  Thank in advance your the communities help and sorry if you see this twice.




      I have come across an issue that I cannot figure out the solution.  Within my main application there are mean scores calculated at numerous levels using slightlyl different calculations.  Using the AGGR function the calculation of the mean score works for all situations.  In total there are over 50,000 differenet permientations of mean scores that the users can calculate, so doing this in the script is really not an option. 


      My issue is that with the mean score I need to cross reference a percentile rank table to to get the percentile score.  The process is to take the calculated mean, find the lowest mean score in the percentile table that is greater than or equal to the mean and then return the rank.  I have tried numerous attempts at this can cannot get it work.


      Sample qvw and data file attached.