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    Qlikview Expressor and Multi-Development Teams

    Pablo Labbe

      Hi All,


        I'm curious on how Expressor can be implemented on a multi-development team environment. Within this environment we have multiple developers building dataflows for Finance, Sales, Manufacturing for example. Developers are allowed to see, change and run the dataflows under their responsability. Also we have to control dataflows changes and a deployment flow  from Development to QA and last to Production Environment.


        Does Expressors supports some kind of security role , version control and a multi-deployment flow ?


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      Pablo Labbe Ibaceta

      Qlikview Consultant

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          The Expressor Repository is a full featured version control system.  Access to the Repository is controlled through file based credentials maintained by the Repository application.  A developer must be a registered user with the Repository in order to check-in and check-out files.


          Once developers check their projects into the Repository, they may be checked out by any other developer with access to the Repository.  There are no project based restrictions on access.  There is currently no role based security paradigm that limits access to, or the ability to execute, an Expressor dataflow.


          If you need to limit access to an instance of the Repository to a specific group of developers, you only provide log in credentials to those developers.  Expressor Studio, the graphical development tool, may connect to multiple instances of the Repository so an individual developer may be concurrently working in multiple groups.


          Though not formally described in the product documentation, it is possible to move a project from one instance of the Repository to another.  In this way, completed projects can be moved onto a Repository instance in the production environment.