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    Count is incorrect when 2 conditions are selected, one condition at the time is OK.

    Miguel Gavidia

      I am creating my first QlikView document: a Monthly Rental/Vacancies report. Sounds simple enough but I have problems.

      I managed to get the right count when I select one option at the time, that is, selecting only Move-ins OR only move-outs.
      Selecting both options at the same time generates incorrect results.


      For example:

      When trying to get total Move-ins and Move-outs for May 2012, the report shows only customers who moved-in AND moved-out during the same month (May). My  manager needs the count of ALL Move-Ins in May and the count of ALL Move-outs (regardless of when they moved-in).


      Can somebody point me in the right direction?




      Miguel Gavidia


      PS: It is also my first post, hopefully I did it right.