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    SelectValues on top of other SelectValues

      Hi There,


      I'm trying to do the following by programatically selecting values in fields. (long story as to why)...


      I've created a simple example below to illustrate the point.


      I basically want to select values in 1 field e.g. the PhoneNbr and then also select values in another field e.g. Account_Nbr.


      n.b. I can't use the load script, bookmarks, triggers or any internal qlikview functions though as I strictly want to use the api.


      What happens is I can only select from one field at a time. The field objects SelectValues call seems to blow away the previous selections.


      Is there another method I can try?






      Sub SetSelections






                set PhoneNbrValues = ActiveDocument.Fields("PhoneNbr").GetNoValues


                PhoneNbrValues.Item(0).text = "0882686988"

                PhoneNbrValues(0).IsNumeric = false


                set Account_NbrValues = ActiveDocument.Fields("Account_Nbr").GetNoValues


                Account_NbrValues.Item(0).text = "ABC01"

                Account_NbrValues(0).IsNumeric = false



        Account_NbrValues.Item(1).text = "ABC02"

        Account_NbrValues(1).IsNumeric = false




                ActiveDocument.Fields("PhoneNbr").SelectValues PhoneNbrValues ' This filter is lost once the next one is applied.

                ActiveDocument.Fields("Account_Nbr").SelectValues Account_NbrValues 'This is the filter that is applied



      END SUB