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    Sr QV Developer-Bangalore

      We are looking for Sr Qlikview Developer In Bangalore for 3-5 years experience. If anybody interested send your resume to rupam.das@symphonysv.com

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          Andre Rodrigues



          I´m André Rodrigues from Brazil, a senior and expert in Qlikview 11, VB and SQL. If you have interest in hire a remote Qlikview resources based in project/performance, I have a team available.

          My proposition is:

                          (1) receive your requirements and data samples;

                          (2) receive your development time expectation;

                          (3) send you a estimative of time for beta version;

                          (4) get your Go/Approval,

                          (5) Develop beta version;

                          (6) get your comments and fixes over initial requirements;

                          (7) Send final version;

                          (8) Get your approval;

                          (9) Get your payment (hours*performancefactor*US$ 50,00).

          Performance factor is:

                          Estimated Time = E hours

                          Development Time = D hours

                          performancefactor = 1                 (if development time goes between 5% more or less them the estimated Time)

                          performancefactor = 1 *  (1-(D/E-1)       (limited to 30% more or less the estimated time)

                          performancefactor = 0                 (if development time is greater them 60% of estimated time)


          Payments can be done in US account over an invoice or directly in a Paypal account.


          Please let me know your comments.


          Best Regards,


          André Rodrigues


          Skype: alvrodrig