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    Concat between 2 calander objects

      Hey Guys, I'm new to Qlikview and come across a stumbling block (QlikView 10).

      I have 2 calander objects (StartDate and EndDate) and when i select the dates I want to populat the current selections box with all the dates between the 2dates so that a standard table box is filtered (I tried using set Analysis on a Streight table but i need to format alot of columns so this does not give the desired result).


      To get round this I am trying to create a trigger so when the end date is selected it will select and concat all of the dates between the StartDate and End Date.


      The data i am working with is just a standard daily date (eg. 01/07/2012)


      The code i have created so far is below. If you can help in any way i would be really grateful


      = Concat(distinct(DailyRevenueDate),'|')      // this conactenates my date successfuklly so just need to add the between dates

      = Concat(distinct({< DailyRevenueDate = {'>=$(=Date(StartDate))<=$(=Date(EndDate))'}>}),'|') // this code returns no results


      Thanks for your help