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    QlikView OCX Error "Can not open file txt for write"

      Hi Dear QV Community


      I Have a problem with a Macro execution from IE Pluggin Client, this is the macro



      sub Export

        set obj= ActiveDocument.getSheetObject("CH171")

        FileName = ActiveDocument.Variables("vRutaArchivo").GetContent.String

        obj.Export FileName, ","

      End Sub



      In QV Desktop works fine, i assigned Full Control to folder for Accout Services QlikView  and QlikView Administrator Group but not work.


      The error message is "Can not open the file D:\Folder\test.txt for write"


      The following options were already established


      1) D:\folder\ is valid and there is a folder on the server and is registered as a folder in QVMC -> System -> Setup -> QlikView Servers -> QVS@ -> Folders->Mounted Folders


      2) The Windows User to run QV Services has full control over D:\folder\


      3) The Windows Users Group called "QlikView Administrators" has full control over D:\folder\


      4) On QVMC -> System -> Setup -> QlikView Servers -> QVS@ -> Security -> Miscellaneous are cheked the boxes "Allow unsafe macros" and "Allow macro execution on server"