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    Write file shows error

    Jagan Nalla



      I'm trying to learn qvw expressor. I covered basic concepts and i can able to read data from different datasources(sql,txt,excel) and i can able to write into files in different formats(qvx.txt,excel) by changing there semantic type also. But i'm trying to move littel bit forward i.e. one read file reads the data from sql and another reads data from txt file. Now, with help of join i can able to join two read files by changing there key field to same types in schema. But i cannot able to write into file. Please see this image and let me know where is my mistake.



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          You should be able to do exactly what you are attempting and the approach you describe is correct.


          Unfortunately, the screen shot does not show enough of the log content for us to see what the error message contained.


          Run the dataflow again, then click on the save icon in the toolbar above the Results panel, which will let you save the log into a file.  Then attach the log file to this discussion.

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              Jagan Nalla

              Please find this log file.

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                  The relevant part of the error log is at the very bottom.


                  Department - IN_FILE_OP-0044-N: The parsing thread was interrupted. (Join.Step_1)

                  Department - OPERATOR-0016-F: toolId 2.0, name 'Department' - Exception 'InFileOpException' occurred in the 'process' function for thread 0. (Join.Step_1)

                  Department - IN_FILE_OP-0007-A: Input processing for file 'D:\QvwExpressor\Files\Join.txt' aborted on record 1 due to a data error. (Join.Step_1)

                  Department - TRANSLITERATE-1007-A: Error converting field 'Dept_ID' into attribute 'ID': The input string 'ID' could not be converted to a type of 'integer'. The formatting parameters are 'unformatted' (Join.Step_1)

                  Department - OPERATOR-0005-F: toolId 2.0, name 'Department' - the 'process' function failed for thread 0. (Join.Step_1)


                  This indicates the Read File operator was unable to convert an entry from a string (all fields read from a file are read as strings) into the integer type assigned to the attribute ID.  Generally this error is due to the fact that in configuring the Read File operator you did not enter a value into the Skip rows text box.  Since your text file probably has a header row, you want to skip this row.


                  Try entering 1 into the Skip rows text box and rerun the dataflow.