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    Qlikview performance poor on website



        here's our problem ...


        We've got 3.6 Gb qvw file.


        The document contains our data and a few chart/filter objects.


        Loading it up in the qlikview standalone app (QV64) on a box that is NOT our qlikview server, performance is great. everything Qlikview promised.


        When we use the qlikview workbench and integrate this into one of our websites, performance drops off dramatically.


        We're talking a drop from < 0.5 seconds in the app to 7+ seconds on the website.


        The website is made up of one chart with a selection of data field filters.


         We're not expecting the same performance as the app, but there is such a vast differential between response times we can't help feel disappointed with qlikviews performance.


         We've monitored our network and our server for any bottlenecks and haven't found anything that would explain what's going on.


         Has anyone out there been in a similar situation ?


         do you use qlikview workbench and have a qlikview document plugged into a website ? are you getting sluggish performance ? or are we expecting too much and actually this is resonable performance for a website ?


        would appreciate any thoughts anyone might have.