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    Short date vs. Year - Month- Day



      I have a report that when the maximum date is selected, it would be displaying several information.


      For example the selected date is 8/14/2012


      First report will display from 8/14/2012 to less than 8/14/2012

      Second report will display from 8/15/2012 onwards


      But then, when I select through


      Year: 2012

      Month: Aug

      Day: 14


      It does not display information, but when I select


      Date: 8/14/2012


      It display information. Please help. I want to set analysis for this! Give samples.








      I've attached the sample datasource... So when you select a date, example


      When DATE is 8/14/2012 --- display records where PDC Date is greater than 8/14/2012 and Creation Date is lessthan or equal to 8/14/2012



      Please help! Thanks.