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    YTD expression for graph


      I would like to show on a combo graph :

      my sales actuals and budget per month in column

      my achievement to target YTD on a line.


      I managed to do the achievement on a monthly basis with :

      = sum(Actuals12)/sum(Sales2012Plan)


      but this display achievement for each month only, not a cummulative YTD


      how do I show for each month the YTD cummulative achievement

      for month 2 for example :

      (Month 1 actuals + month 2 Actuals) / (month 1 plan+ month 2 plan)-1 


      Month 7 would be :

      (Month 1 actuals + ....+ Month 7 actuals)/(Month 1 plan +...+ Month 7 Plan)-1


      Currently if I use the Full accumulation option with the above formula it display beyond the last actual month...