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    Syntax to launch an application in server



      My aim is to launch an external application in the qlikview server on a user button click (via Accesspoint)


      So, in the button's launch action I have specified the server name followed by the physical path in server where the application is placed.

      But when I tried clicking the button from accesspoint, it is showing two errors.



      Lets say the physical server name is ABCD01

      and the physical location in server where this application resides is E:\Image2PDFCommandLineTool\V2-73\Image2PDF.exe,

      In the launch action of button I am giving the application path like \\ABCD01\E:\Image2PDFCommandLineTool\V2-73\Image2PDF.exe (I even tried without E:\, as \\ABCD01\Image2PDFCommandLineTool\V2-73\Image2PDF.exe)


      Is there any different way to specify the path when you are refering to applications outside ur local system?