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    line chart no dimensions

      I have created a bar chart with 20 expressions and no dimensions. These expressions calculated the current age of people in a specified category's and the future when by using a slider. So you can see what the number of each category is about eg 10 years.

      It works correctly.

      Now I want to convert the bar chart into a line chart and but I dont receive the expected result. No line visible only numbers below each other.


      Does anybody know if and how to solve this ?




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          Bar chart is for comparision and can be done by more than any no.of metrics with or without a dimension. Line chart is for trending which suggest how a metric(s) move over time (usuall time is the dimension but not necessarily). Hence the behaviour, in your case is expected. In line chart one expression will only have one line unlike bar graph. Propably if you want to share the intended interpertation of the graph alternatives can be suggested in this forum.