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    Problem with a association / build a new key?

    Göran Hofstedt


      I have a excelfile that are build as follow. 




      * INLINE [
      ID, Work,                          Edu
      1, Admin
      1, Construction
      1,                                    , Economic
      1,                                    , Kindergarden
      2,                                     , University
      2, Teacher
      3, Teacher
      3,                                      , Higher math




      In a table/chart I want to click on Education = Economic and then also get what type of work the ID has, or click on Teacher and get what kind of education they have. The same thing that happens if i click on the ID itself but I don´t wont to show the ID... So, how can I associate them to each other, some way build a new key?


      How can this be done?