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    Visual Cue Expression not working?

      Hello All -


      I am attempting to use the following expression for highlighting data in my straight table:





      The column that this is being applied to is a date column (Prom Date).

      I am not getting the data highlighted as I would have expected. 

      Ultimately what this should do is highlight anything that has a Prom Date in the last 7 days of the month.


      To test my expression, I added a calculated dimension to my chart, which shows that the expression is calculating the desired date (screen shot below - right column - Expression Date Test).


      I would have expected the highlighted items in my screen shot below to have been picked up by that expression(above) in the visual Cues "Upper".



      Interpreting the first row of data;


      The way I am reading it would be If the Promise Date is >= 6/24/12 then highlight.


      If I hard code the date in the expression (simply put =date('6/24/12') the highlighting works as expected.


      Is there some fine point I am missing with date compares in expressions used for visual cues?