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    Associationg a date to an Excel Import



      I have been looking for an answer to this question for quite a while now and couldn't find a proper answer.

      Already apologizing for any "stupid" questions, I am pretty new to QlikView...

      My problem:


      I want to import Excel-Sheets on a monthly basis into QV. The sheets do not contain any information about the date but in the filename.

      In Qlikview I would like to associate each sheet with the corresponding month (for sorting reasons).

      Maybe I could edit the Excel file in some way, that makes this possible but I would rather like to avoid doing so.


      I would be really glad, if someone could help me out.


      Thank you very much, Thees.

        • Re: Associationg a date to an Excel Import
          whiteline _

          If you have some files with the same structure you can use this (just modify your existing load):


          for each File in filelist ('*.xlsx')



                  '$(File)' as FileName,







               (ooxml, embedded labels, table is Sheet1);


          Next File;


          Now you can also extract your date from the filename string '$(File)' with a string functions.