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    Can Report Editor AUTO Page for Large Chart (pivot table)?

    Curt Daughtry

      I have a pivot table that has many rows of customer data. I need to create and distribute a pdf report to each sales person. The report is to contain this one chart with all customer data relating to the selected sales person. This will iterate over each record in the sales person field.


      The problem I am having:


      --I can't figure out how to get the report to continuously page until the whole chart is in view.


      Just to be clear:

      One person may only have a single page report because they don't have enough customers to fill the chart past one page; while, another person may have a 10 page report because they have enough customers to fill the chart over the 10 page range.


      This function (or achieving this setup) really shouldn't be this difficult. It is such a common utility in other applications, it wouldn't have cross my mind that this would present itself as a limitation to consider.


      Open to recieve any solutions (or alternate/workaround solutions) that would allow the objective to be achieved.