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    point in time?

    Göran Hofstedt


      whould be very nice if someone can help me with what I think is point in time(?)


      I want to show the Id:s that have been active for a minimum of 10 months from latest event date. I have the following tables



      Master calendar with the usal stuff, month, year, date,fiscal etc counters for thoose and some rolling 3 and 12(?)


      If a Id has  only one eventdate 10 months back and one this month I want to count it as a "hit"

      if it has a eventdate 15 months back and regular hits up today its also counts


      How can this be done, any suggestion?

        • Re: point in time?

          Do you want this is a chart or in the script?


          I am assuming that you have ID also in the eventdate table to link data.


          in the script you can do a group by resident table:



          MIN(Eventdate) as 'First Event',

          MAX(Eventdate) as 'Last Event',


          if(MIN(Eventdate)<=ADDMONTHS(MAX(Eventdate),-10),'Over 10 Months Active','Under 10 Months Active')

          Resident Eventdate Group by ID;