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    Variable value for previous month

      Hello everybody!




      I have to display numerical data for two months using text boxes. The value for the current month, and the value for the previous month as shown in the picture. I have a selection bar containing the various months as in attached picture.



      I created a variable which shows the current month (August in this case) value, called Variable1.


      Now, I want to get Variable1's values for the previous month (July in this case) . What code do i write?





      The previous month in code:  =Monthname(max(MonthName)-1)  -  MonthName is the month variable from my table]

      The code for the values i have shown under the current month in attached picture i.e August (95.4% & 93.5%) is: =$(Variable1)




      [Summary: I want Variable1 value for =MonthName(max(MonthName)-1)]




      Thanks a mill!