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    Data not displayed in straight table

      I have data being selected for my straight table by using a
      very specific where statement in one of my loads, in my script.  It should be showing me 2 rows of data, but
      as you can see by the screen shot, it is not.


      A COGNOS report shows these rows as does a straight SQL
      query on the database.  When I reload my
      script, it displays the message that 2 lines were fetched.


      To check my sanity, I added a Text Object that displays the
      following expression:




      This is one of the fields (RIInventory_extended_cost)
      in my table and again, as you can see by the screen print it (blue box)
      displays 2.


      So I know that data exists
      in my source.  I know it is in my QV
      loads.  Is there something that stops the
      display of data based on a setting or anomaly that I have not encountered



      (I have only been working
      with Qlikview for about 3 months so I am a beginner at best)






      No Data QV.png