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    Not able to Share the Bookmark using Link


      I am facing a problem with sharing the Bookmark using link.

      Suppose I am creating a shared Bookmark (e.g: BM01) and i am passing this Bookmark ID to other user by using the Link generated by "Mail this Bookmark as Link" option in IE plugin.
      For Example if the Link generated by "Mail this Bookmark as Link" option is :

      http://qvreporting.com/Qvplugin/opendoc.htm?document=Reporting%2FREQ Reporting v1.2%5Ftest.qvw%3Fbookmark%3DServer%5CBM02


      I am just replacing the Bookmark ID and passing the Link as:


      http://qvreporting.com/Qvplugin/opendoc.htm?document=Reporting%2FREQ Reporting v1.2%5Ftest.qvw%3Fbookmark%3DServer%5CBM01


      The users are not able to open the Bookmark and if i am opening the report after clearing my browser cache
      I am also not able to see the Bookmark in my report.


      Could anyone please help me regarding this issue.


      Thanks in Advance.