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    Impact analysis reports

    Diamantis Archontoglou

      Since the power of Expressor is it's semantic framework and metadata intelligence, how can we

      create impact analysis reports in order to evaluate the possible results of a change in the schemas?


      Are there any tutorials on this challenge?

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          Hugo Sheng

          This is actually being addressed in an upcoming new offering at the end of September.  Mike T mentions it here:  http://community.qlik.com/thread/60397?tstart=0


          In short, what he wrote was:


          QlikView Governance Dashboard (QVGD) - made available shortly. This is a free product that contains a QlikView Dashboard (.QVW file) and run-time processing components that will retro-actively scan a QlikView deployment(s) and display various metrics about the depolyment(s). It is intended to be largely used by IT and other technical staff to gain visibility and insight to help them answer those questions that pertain to "What is going on in my QV deployment?".  The overall value and benefit of the QVGD is to allow those to take actions on their finding such as instituting best practices and applying Data Governance to their QV environment.


          Some examples of the questions answered include:


          • What QVD files/fields are/are not being used?
          • How many QlikView applications exist in my deployment?
          • What data is or is not being used and by which QV apps?
          • Which expressions/labels are being used the most (recurring / overlapping)?
          • What and how many of each sheet objects are being used?
          • What sources of data are being accessed?