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    Consolidation question

    Amien Amien

      I have two identical servers, which at this moment work seperatly with all services. I know how to consolidate services, but which services needs to consolidated exactly when i want to achive this:


      * one QEMC

      * one accesspoint

      * reloading and enduser consuming of the reports need to be done by the QVS on which the QVW is on. So, no load balancing


      * can one QWS/IIS be killed?

      * is there a special trust needed within both systems?

      * what ports need to be open between both systems?

      * what services will be running on each system: I: QVS, QDSC, IIS, QDS / II: QVS,QDS?

      * Do i need a special license for this? i know that there are licences, but i want to use 'regular' licences, because doc CALs are different on each system.


      Thanks for your time.