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    Use Macro to Specify Bookmark's parameters when creating it

    Hugo Andrade

      Good Day.


      I have 18 customizable variables. Each Practice can change their variables to set their goals in %.

      200 practices on total.

      I need to create/replace one bookmark for each practice containing the goals and apply the goal based on the OSUser() every time a user changes the goal and hit the "Save Goals" button.


      The requirements are:

      CreateDocumentBookmark (shared with other users),
      Label Bookmark using the available/selected "PracticeID" (field),
      apply only the PracticeID selection and clear all the other selections,

      incorporate the input fields,

      If a bookmark is already created and labeled with the specific "PracticeID", replace the bookmark with the new values,

      Set bookmarks as hidden.


      Thank You!