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    Help in accumulation formulas (Replacing above)

    Cesar Accardi

      I have a straight table with the KPI values by Month and Year, I want to show in this same table some expressions:


      1. The variation between the current Month and the Previous

      2. The accumulated variations (1) along the current year

      3. The variation between the current Month and the same Month on the last Year (12 Months variation)


      I've already built all the expressions, however the last one makes the table show all the years I have in my table because is using 1 as the set identifier. How can I replace this and keep only the selected period with the correct accumulations?


      Expression 3 disabled:




      Expression 3 enabled:




      Expression 3 formula:


                sum({1<[Descrição do Subindicador]={'CUB-PR'}>} Valor)>0,
                          IsNull(above(total sum({1<[Descrição do Subindicador]={'CUB-PR'}>} Valor))),
                                    sum({1<[Descrição do Subindicador]={'CUB-PR'}>} Valor)
                                    above(total sum({1<[Descrição do Subindicador]={'CUB-PR'}>} Valor),12,0)



      Can someone help me please?