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    Associate table multiple times to another table


      New to ClikView so sorry if this question is answered multiple places elsewhere! I've looked through the reference and developer guide and don't see a clear answer to this:


      I have a customer table: Has a customer ID field.

      I have a second table with sales transactional data that has 3 references back to the customer table: customer that ordered, customer that was charged, and customer that product was shipped to.


      As I understand it I make associations between the tables by naming fields identically. So my question is do I:


      A. Load the Customer table 3 times and each time rename the customer ID field?

      B. Load the Customer table 1 time with the Customer ID field listed 3 times with different names ([Customer ID] AS [Ship Cust ID], [Customer ID] AS [Charge Cust ID], [Customer ID] as [Order Cust ID])

      C. Some other advanced feature I haven't yet discovered?


      I'm guessing option B but was wondering if anyone else had any thoughts on this?