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    Average from specific field



      Thanks to Stefan and Rob, I have added in a new Dimension into my straight chart and called it Duration.  The Duration field contains the following expression:


                (RangeMin(frac(closedate), MakeTime(18))

                - RangeMax(frac(logdate), MakeTime(8)))

                + (NetWorkDays(logdate, closedate-1) * MakeTime(10)) // Only 10 hours per whole day



      The above expression basically takes the closedate from the logdate and then only calculates hours between 08:00 - 18:00 on a weekday. 

      As I have added this into my straight_table dimension, it pulls through what I want onto the straight_table.  However what I want to do is place a text box underneath the straight_table that calculates the average of this Duration Field (which is only created in the straight_table), depending on a set of values that I selected.  Therefore I may select 3 values with a duration of 01:00:00, 02:00:00, 03:00:00, and in the text field I want it to show the average time as 02:00:00.

      Is it possible to calculate and average if the new Duration field was only created in a straight chart?