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    reduce, distribute and restrict access

      Hi there,


      I am having a hard time figuring out how to reduce / distribute documents in the intended way. I am sure it is actually quite easy, but I am failing miserably right now...


      I am using Enterprise Server with Publisher, users do access QV apps via Access Point in IE Exlorer (IE Plug-in).


      What I want to do is to:

      1) Reload and reduce a source document based on a certain field, i.e. region (that works ok)

      2) Distribute the new, reduced user documents to a folder (that works ok, too - my folder shows a couple of user documents, one each for any region that forms part of my data)

      3) Restrict the access to the reduced user documents. (???)


      How can I assign certain users to those user documents, so that users from a certain region only see their own document?!?!


      Please note that I have a mixture of named users and document Cals.


      I hope someone can help me quickly - thanks!!!