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    Using FirstSortedValue in Set Analysis

      I have a QVW of branch visits, where each branch is scored. Some branches are visited more than once (follow up). 


      I would like to report on these follow up visits, and the score achieved in each visit.


      The table should seperately list each branch by:


      SBU, Storename, Date



      Points scored (PS) previously, Points available (PA) previously, Previous score (PS / PA %) as well as;

      Points scored (PS) latest, Points available (PA) latest, Latest score (PS / PA %)


      The Previous lookup works fine.  I am having trouble getting the Latest lookups right.


      I have tried aggr and set analysis using FirstSortedValue, but cannot seem to get it right - at best it displays both old and new scores, instead of only the latest scores.  The latest visit is also not neccessarily on the global Max date, hence I used FirstSortedValue to find it.


      The selection also needs to stay dynamic, so a script solution will not assist.


      The file is attached; any help will be much appreciated.