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    Memory Issue

      I was running 2 GB of RAM in my computer. I ended up getting an additional 2 GB for a total of 4 GB. I've gone in and windows recognizes the new memory, saying my total is now 3.5 GB.


      Qlikview, however, seems to be uneffected. Is there something I have to do in Qlikview to make it recognize/use the new memory?

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          Daniel Rozental

          Are you running a 64 bits windows? if not QlikView will only see 2 GB, you can get it to 3 GB doing some windows tweaking.

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              Sebastian Pereira

              Hi ethan.


              Why do yo say that QV seems to be unaffected? How do you measure this? Do you use the Task manager and monitors the memory used while QV is proccessing?


              The performance will be affected by the type and amount of data fields, and your script. Also, in final applications, it is strongly affected by the data model created.


              So, if you don't need more memory for your apps, QV will not use more memory if you have more memory. If you need more memory that you have installed (or have a 32 bits SO, as Daniel said), the performance will not affected too, because the paging is used too.


              Do you have a server or only Desktop?