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    Passing the credentials through macro to sharepoint site to load data

    Rikab Kothari

      Hi All


      Is there is any way to open the secured sharepoint site and load the data into qlikview with the help of macro.


      I have written somemacro code which opens the excel sheet and fetch the data from the sharepoint site. This works fine in my local machine where there is no need of authentication. But the samething when I try to do it in my development server I couldn't as it needs authentication to be passed to open the sharepoint site. So is there is anyway I can pass the credentials through macro as soon as the excel sheet is opened so that I fetch the data from sharepoint into excel.


      For your information, I have managed to get the refreshed data from sharepoint to excel as something similar to what shown in the below post. But samething couldn't make it work in the development server as it needs authentication to open the sharepoint site.




      Any help please?