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    Charts and Tables help!

      Dear all,


      I hope you can help me with my issue.


      I just made a graph - simple table with some fields and a calculation on the final columns ("Bruto Factura CLP" and "Bruto Factura USD") (PICTURE 1-2-3). The final result, a sum of all values is the field i need to make more graphs, but i don't know how to create them, if i select other fields and copy the formulas I don't get any result.


      In the chart - simple table, if i take out any field selected as dimension, the final result changes (PICTURE 5-6). What i need is some way to make other charts with the final values.


      Hope you can help me, let me know if you need anything else to understand this situation.



      M° José

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          Jose Tos

          May be is better if you explain what are you trying to calculate because is possible that there was a different way to get the result you want.


          Do you need the same dimensions and the same results of your last column to create new tables and graphs?

          A possible way is to duplicate the table and make invisible the columns you don´t wont to show and use the usefull column to make new expressions if you need, I don´t know what information you want in the tables / graphs




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              José M°,


              I just need the final number, the sum in CLP and USD to make graphs.


              I think the idea to make invisible the columns i don't need may help. How can i do this? Anyway, the thing is that when i copy the table and try to convert it in a circle graph it says "positive and negative values", but what i want is just the final sum (TOTAL USD - TOTAL CVLP)... and to get the final number needs i need all dimentions, so that's the problem...


              To make a test, how do i hide the dimentions i don't want to show?


              Thanks... hope you can help me!