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    count + aggr + sum ?

      Hello everyone,

      How are you all doing?

      Well, I need a help on that thing


      Here are the data :


      id; A; B ; C; D

      Dwayne; 1512,0,1325, 3125

      Derrick; 0,0,1541,3125

      Kobey, 0,5264,1254,3125



      So, I need to count the id which have (A + B +C ) > 30% of D to put in a jauge.


      I think, I 'll need something like : aggr(sum(A) ,sum(A),sum(C), id)>(0.3*D)

      But I don't really  know how to handle that.



      I 'll be glad to have your point of view on that question.


      Wish you all the best,