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    Extract Data into a Bar Chart



      I am trying to enter certain information into a bar chart.  I have a field called Fix Code and what I am looking to do, is depending on the first four letters of the fixcode, will represent what type of issue this is.

      We have the following example information in the fixcode field:







      What I am looking to do is if the first four letters = FLT0, we will call it Fault

      If the first four letters are = RQST, we will call it Request.


      I want a bar chart that displays the total amount of Fault (FLT0) calls and the total amount of Request Calls (RQST) together.


      Therefore I am hoping my Bar Chart will show 2 columns one with Fault showing say 80 calls and one with Request showing say 200 calls.


      Is this Possible?