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    Help with ie plugin error

    Chris Hopkins

      Hi everyone,


      I have a client that is having problems with some users (on remote sites) are getting error messages when trying to open a document from the access point.

      This is the error.



      I am trying to enable the log file from the IEPlugin.

      It is usually done this way...


      - Open a (any) QlikView document via the plugin.

      - On the plugin toolbar, select Menu > About QlikView

      - Right click the QlikView icon - bottom left.

      - Scroll down to select 'ExtendedErrorOutput' and change the value to 1.

      - Select 'Set'

      - Close the prompt and close the doc.


      This generates a log file in the users documents folder.

      I am unable to do this as they can't get into any documents but was wondering if there was a way to enable it through the registry instead?


      Any help would be great.