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    Need a help in set analysis

      Dear All.

      i want to create a bar chart which shows 4 bars without dimension.

      four bars as follows Green , Red ,Black ,Yellow.




      1) expression for Green Bar----> count(Flights.FlightID) when ReceptaclesTransactions.ProcedureID=1 and Count(Dispatches.DispatchID)<>0


      2) expression for Red Bar----> count(Flights.FlightID) when ReceptaclesTransactions.ProcedureID<>1 and Count(Dispatches.DispatchID)<>0


      3) expression for Black Bar----> count(Flights.FlightID) when Count(Dispatches.DispatchID)<>0


      4) expression for Yellow Bar----> count(Flights.FlightID).



      i tried by using if condition but it's not working fine.


      and i also tried by creating a variable  vCount_DispatchID=count(Dispatches.DispatchID)

      like in set anlaysis for 1 expression

      =Count({<ReceptaclesTransactions.ProcedureID={1} , vCount_DispatchID-={0} >} Flights.FlightID)


      so please help me out to solve the issue.