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    Specify parameters for macro: CreateDocBookmark

    Hugo Andrade

      Specify Macro Parameters.jpg

      Is it possible to specify all the parameters for the CreateDocBookmark macro?


      Document Method CreateDocBookmark return value -

      No return value
      1 Additive Boolean in true if bookmark to be applied on top of current selections
      2 Name String in Name of bookmark
      3 Id String in, optional Bookmark ID
      4 Type short in, optional 0 = Normal 1 = Shared 2 = Temporary
      5 ExcludeSelections Boolean in, optional
      6 LayoutState Boolean in, optional
      7 Hide Boolean in, optional
      8 ShowPopupInfo Boolean in, optional
      9 InfoMsg String in, optional
      10 InputFieldValuesFlag Boolean in, optional

      I would like to specify these values:

      1) false

      2) If possible, I would like to use an expression: GetCurrentSelection(Practice)

      3) no special requirements

      4) 1= Shared

      5) false

      6) false

      7) true (very important)

      8) false

      9) no text is needed

      10) True (the most important)


      Does anyone know how to write it?

      It's an urgent request.

      Thank you.