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    one to many link



      I would like to link two tables in the following way.


      Table 1                                                  Table 2

      segment01 segment02 segment03          SegmentNo     Value     Descryption

      AAA          BBB          CCC                    01                   AAA     Icecream

                                                                  02                   BBB     Soda 

                                                                  03                   CCC     Sprincles

      in Table 1 each segment has a column of its on but in Table 2 the segment values are all in one column and the segment number is identified by another column.


      how do i link them up? thanks

        • Re: one to many link



          Re-format table 1 with the help of the crosstable wizard.


               The Crosstable wizard

               The crosstable wizard is dialog driven method of creating the crosstable syntax.

               This dialog is opened by clicking the Crosstable button in the Options page of the File Wizard.


          After you did the re-format it will be easy to connect the two tables.