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    using a formula variable in set analysis

    Martha Thompson



      I am having problems correctly using a formula variable in set analysis.    In my application I have defined:

           Variable:  vPeerGroup

           Value:  only({$<EmpPeerSeq={$(=min(EmpPeerSeq))


      The formula for the variable appears to evaluate correctly, I can view the value of the variable in a text box with the formula =$(vPeerGroup)


      The value will always be text, not numeric.


      I'm trying to use this variable in a set analysis equation and cannot seem to get the syntax correct.


      =sum({$<QtrSum_MetricID={B20}, QtrSum_PeerGroup={'$(vPeerGroup)'}>} QtrSum_PA_Count)


      I can hard-code a Peer Group name, ie, QtrSum_PeerGroup={'Branch'} and it works fine.   This is my first time using a variable that is defined as a formula -- there must be something I'm missing regarding correct syntax.